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Tacwise 1565 53-13EL Cordless 12V Staple/Nail Gun

Tacwise 1565 53-13EL Cordless 12V Staple/Nail Gun

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Tacwise 1565 53-13EL Cordless 12V Staple/Nail Gun


  • SEMI-PROFESSIONAL 2-IN-1 STAPLE/NAIL GUN – Cordless, 12V staple and brad nail gun supplied in a box with a 12V battery, neoprene storage bag, 200 x type 53/8mm staples and 200 x type 13/6mm staples, designed to bring powerful and durable results to semi-professional fixing tasks
  • COMPATIBILITY – Offers contact trip (bump firing) or single shot firing modes with a bottom loading magazine that enables firing of 140 x type 53 & 13 / 6 – 12 mm staples or 85 x 180 (18G) / 10 mm brad nails without reloading; we strongly recommend using Tacwise staples and nails for a smooth, uninterrupted performance
  • MAXIMISED PERFORMANCE – Powered by an interchangeable, rechargeable, quick-release 12V lithium-ion battery offering a 30 staple or nail per minute firing speed, 3,000 shots per charge and a 3-5 hour charging time for maximised performance while stapling or nailing
  • 0.9KG ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Expert lightweight design featuring a safety contact tip, LED light, staple/nail viewing window, battery status indicator, belt hook and safety on/off switch for enahnced ease of use and safety
  • VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS – Suitable for semi-professionals and DIYers working on household tasks such as furniture upholstery, roofing, carpeting, picture framing, sheeting, insulation, decorative work and many more
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