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At Collated Fasteners we offer a selection of hog ring tools and accessories that will help you complete your projects quickly and efficiently.

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How does a hog ring tool work?

A hog ring tool works by compressing a hog ring around the materials being joined. The tool typically has a pair of jaws that match the shape of the hog ring and hold it in place.

It then applies pressure to close the ring securely. Some hog ring tools also have a spring loaded magazine which provides an automatic feed of hog rings into the jaws.

What are the most common applications for hog ring tools?

Hog ring tools are versatile and can be used for joining wire mesh, chicken wire, line wire, and chain link fencing, as well as to secure fabrics such as automotive upholstery and insulation.

What are the benefits of using a hog ring tool?

Hog ring tools are designed to provide a secure and durable fastening solution, especially for materials that need to withstand tension or movement.

They offer quick and efficient assembly, saving time compared to many other fastening methods.

What hog ring tools do you stock?

At Collated Fasteners we stock both hog ring tools and hog ring pliers.

We also supply a range of hog rings that are compatible with these tools. Our hog rings are sold separately.

Do you offer delivery for your hog ring tools?

All of our hog ring tools and accessories can be delivered to your address. The cost of shipping is calculated at checkout.

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Contact us with the name or product code for more details.