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Omer Products

L.D. Leigh are able to supply any Omer product from thier range. Whilst this section is being populated, please email us at

We would like to present OMER products - the best quality pneumatic tools and fasteners such as staplers, pinners, nailers variety of staples, pins, brads and nails. For over 35 years, thanks to the skill, dedication and commitment of engineering staff, OMER has been producing pneumatic tools of unsurpassed technological and quality standards.

A unique and unmistakable design, attention to detail, dedication to exceeding safety standards, use of the latest proven technologies, a strict adherence to quality control and time tested durability are just some of the reasons as to why OMER tools are a first choice for the air powered industrial fastening applications. With the same commitment to quality we produce a comprehensive precision fastener program for all our pneumatic tools. A final cornerstone is our quality service that defines our philosophy of total commitment to all worldwide markets of the pneumatic fastening industry. There were created new machines with some specifications like auto fire valve, long nose (2"), long magazine or remote fire valve which are very helpful during working.

Tools are used mainly in upholstery, carpentry, assembly and construction works. According to the European Union regulations everyone has to use staples for carton closing instead of adhesive tape. Omer possess variety of manual and pneumatic carton closing machines and its fasteners.