Collection: Coil Nails

This section is dedicated to coil nails. Although it's only showing a few, there are many permutations - head size, length, & finish multiplied together. Coil nails are defined by the ratio of the nail head to the shank. e.g. 2.1 x 38AWGRB means this coil nail head is 2.1 times the shank thickness.

The AWGRB ref is:

A - Angled, conical rather than flat collation (This would be FAWGRB)
W - Wire the nails are welded to wires rather than clipped into plastic "holders"
G - Galvanised, a rust resistant coating. Uncoated nails are "Bright"
R - Ring. The shank has small rings to help secure the nail grip the wood fibres.
B - Blunt Nails are cut without the point, allowing  the nail to be used nearer the edge without the risk of splitting the grain of the timber

We can supply Max, Tacwise, all of the Senco range of coil nails, Bostitch, BeA  coil nails. Please call us for further details, prices & delivery times