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Tacwise 0428 2.5/64mm Galvanised Flat Top Coil Nails

Tacwise 0428 2.5/64mm Galvanised Flat Top Coil Nails

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Tacwise 0428 Type 2.5/64mm Galvanised Flat Top Coil Nails

  • Premium quality, flat top coil nails, providing exceptional hold under extreme loading pressures in heavy duty applications
  • Pack of 9000 x 64mm flat top coil nails with a 2.5mm shank diameter and 16° incline, wire collated with 300 nails per coil
  • Galvanised, long-lasting, rust resistant nails with a diamond point and ring shank for easy penetration and increased holding strength
  • Suitable for high volume nailing in cladding, pallet building, timber frames, siding, roofing, fencing, flooring, decking and many other construction work applications
  • Compatible with Tacwise HCN65P, FCN65V, GCN70V, HCN83P and JCN90XHH coil nailers, also compatible with Bostich, Makita and other coil nailers taking 2.5/64mm flat top coil nails (please always check compatibility with your tool before making a purchase)
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