Collection: Duraspin Screws including Drywall Screws

Senco Duraspin Drywall Tools & Duraspin Collated Screws have made Senco and the Duraspin range a market leader, and, that's how the Duraspin name managed to make itself the generic name for drywall screws and tools, giving the Senco one of the most requested ranges in the industry, along with the best quality. Senco Duraspin uses strips of 50 Collated Screws whether used for dry walling to wood the most popular being the 39A35MP or drywall to steel, the thumbwheel allows adjustable depth control on the Drywall Screwdriver which allows flush or countersink finishing, we have a full range of Senco Duraspin tools including the Corded 240v and 110v & 14.4v & 18v Cordless complete with the full range of genuine Duraspin screws.

Duraspin, made by Senco is the word associated with drywall installation. The Duraspin name first arrived on these shores over a decade ago, allowing drywall fitters to benefit on the huge time saving advantages of the Duraspin system. Over the years Senco have managed to increase the range of screws available from the most popular 39A35MP plasterboard to wood to the new winged screws for heavy gauge metal fastening sometimes referred to as jackpoint screws. If your company uses Duraspin products in bulk, then give us a ring for our keenest Senco Duraspin prices.

For bulk purchases of any Duraspin or Senco products call our office on 0560 113 9922.  Duraspin collated drywall and the rest of the Duraspin screw range including Stainless Steel Screws will fit through Makita, Ryobi, Hilti and Hitachi Drywall screw guns*.

If you don't see what you need - ASK! just becasuse it's not shown doesn't meant we don't have it! We see alot of hit's on the site for really strange stuff...& yes, we can do it!!!  *dependant on fastener length

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