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Senco Duraspin 42W50MY Wooden Decking to Wood Screws

Senco Duraspin 42W50MY Wooden Decking to Wood Screws

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Senco Duraspin 42W50MY Flooring/Decking Wood To Wood Screw 4.2X50MM

Article number 42W50MW


4,2mm flooring/decking wood to wood screw, wheaterex II


Exterior wood screws for any exterior project like decks, fencing, siding, docks and more



Technical specifications

Length 50 mm
Nominal diameter 4.2 mm
Shank type fastener 12/3 coarse
Rotations per minute (RPM) 2500 RPM
Collation type Plastic collated
Point angle (nominally) 23º
Point Type 17 cut point
Wire material Wheaterex II galvanized
Screw recess type Senco drive
Screw recess size 2
Fastener type Collated Screws
Material notification on CE label Non-alloy steel
Service class 3
Amount fasteners on strip 50 pieces
Screw diameter 4.05-4.3 mm

Non-technical specifications

Norm version EN 14592:2008+A1:2012

Number declaration of performance VS-CPR-201305-S037
Package quantity 1000 pieces

Please e-mail for bulk purchase.
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