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Staplers or Tackers are a type of tool used to drive various types and styles of Staples into wood or other kind of material. Usually driven by compressed air (pneumatic) or highly flammable gases such as butane or propane, Staplers & Tackers have in many ways opened up new avenues for the manufactuers of many different products.

Tackers use staples collated into strips, which makes for less frequent reloading. Staplers vary in the length and gauge (thickness) of Staples they can drive. With some Staplers they can fire from 2mm at the very smallest whilst the largest Staplers can go up to 60mm, the application does determines the fastener range and, also states the type of tool used to apply the staple. Different gauges range from 22g to heavy wire which are 18 gauge or 16 gauge.

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