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Senco SNS50XP-N, Heavy Wire Stapler, Dual Action Trigger

Senco SNS50XP-N, Heavy Wire Stapler, Dual Action Trigger

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Senco SNS50XP-N, Heavy Wire Stapler, Dual Action Trigger XL3057


The SNS50XP drives 16 gauge staples, ranging in length from 32 and 63mm. It has all the power and speed needed to for the toughest framing and sheathing applications, as it is designed with today's harder woods and laminates in mind. The power can be adjusted, to match the type of material that needs fixing.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable power - can increase up to 20% for the toughest drives
  • Rugged construction - durable driver and carbide guide body insert take a pounding
  • Fast - up to 15 staples per second
  • Adjustable depth-of-drive control for proper staple set
  • Drives 16 ga. N staples from 32mm to 63mm
  • EZ-clear latch provides quick and easy clearing of occasional jams
  • Top loading, easy release feed system with reload indicators
  • Adjustable exhaust directs exhaust air in any direction


Framing, decking, furniture frames, furring, roof deck, sidewall sheathing, subflooring, window units, crate and box assembly, boxes, crates, pallets and pallet repair.


Technical specifications

Length 365 mm
Firing mode Dual
Air inlet size A3/8" female
Air inlet standard ANPT
Air inlet unit A inch
Air consumption (at 60 shots per minute) 185 l/m
Sound pressure level (Lpa)93 dB
Sound power level (Lwa)99 dB
Staple type 1 N staple
Gauge 16 ga.
Magazine capacity 160 pieces
Includes case No
Collation type 1 Glue collated
Collation angle 0 º
Fastener type Staples
Oil free No
Air inlet 13/8" female NPT
Operating pressure 5.5-8.3 bar
Operating temperature range-18-49 °C
Fastener length 132-63 mm
Air inlet size A number 3/8 female

Non-technical specifications

Warranty 5 year(s)
Net weight 2.7
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