Collection: Staples

We stock many different types of staples from Senco, BeA, Montana, Tacwise, Kihlberg Omer, Bostitch and many other brands. . Some makers do have a range of coloured staples – Black being the most popular. Please ask for further details if required. Just because it's not shown doesn't meant we don't have it!

If you don't see what you need - ASK! Just because it's not shown doesn't mean we don't have it! We see a lot of hits on the site for really strange stuff...& yes, we can do it!!!

  • Senco

    Senco A
    Senco AT
    Senco B
    Senco C
    Senco E
    Senco F
    Senco G
    Senco H
    Senco J
    Senco K
    Senco L
    Senco M
    Senco N
    Senco O
    Senco P
    Senco Q
    Senco U
    Senco U110
    Senco U111
    Senco U112
    Senco 110BCA
    Senco 111BCA
    Senco 112BCA
    Senco 140
    Senco 31FS33FAAT
    Senco 31FS40FAAT

  • Bostitch

    Bostitch 110
    Bostitch 111
    Bostitch 116
    Bostitch 119
    Bostitch 130
    Bostitch 133
    Bostitch 180
    Bostitch 195
    Bostitch SB
    Bostitch SJK
    Bostitch SL
    Bostitch STCH
    Bostitch STCR
    Bostitch STCR
    Bostitch SW
    Bostitch SX

  • Omer

    Omer 110

    13 Series
    14 Series
    16 Series
    32 Series
    35 Series
    53 Series
    71 Series
    73 Series
    74 Series
    80 Series
    84 Series
    90 Series
    91 Series
    92 Series
    94 Series

  • Josef Kihlberg

    JK 500
    JK 555
    JK 557
    JK 560
    JK 561
    JK 590
    JK 670
    JK 680
    JK 690
    JK 779
    JK 777


    BeA 95
    BeA 97
    BeA 140
    BeA 380
    BeA A11