Collection: Bostitch

Whatever the tool or fastener you require, we are able to supply the FULL range of Bostitch product. 

With over 110 years of practical experience across a diverse range of applications, Stanley Bostitch® have the knowledge, facilities and expertise to stay ahead of demand. Innovative fastener and tool design and manufacture continue to maintain Stanley Bostitch® as leaders in fastening solutions. Further acquisitions over the years have brought a range of quality brands under the Stanley Bostitch name. These include Atro, a major European tool and fastening manufacturer, and Hartco and Spenax, important fastening solution providers for the bedding and automotive industries respectively.

Today Stanley Fastening Solutions provides a comprehensive range of high quality manual and pneumatic tools and fasteners across major industries such as Construction, Furniture, Packaging, Pallet and Crate and Automotive.

An extended warranty of an additional 6 years is available on a limited range of tools for no additional charge to eligible customers who within 30 days of the original purchase register the tool on line and participate in the customer survey.