Collection: Rebar Tying Tools & Wire

These rebar tools are designed for high-volume, high-speed rebar tying of large horizontal or vertical reinforcement projects. Professional steelfixers and contractors will appreciate the convenience of the battery operated rebar-tying systems that we offer, which increases productivity by eliminating the labour-intensive manual tying with pliers and wire. The TyTecker is loaded with patented cartridges of tying clips, whereas the Max RB series machines have a spool, with the preffered wire (Galvanised, plastic coated or, Stainless steel) either way both are loaded with ease, as with the TyTecker the Max tools offer a optional handle arrangement if the job is for horizontal work so, stops you having to bend over, the TyTecker can be realized for all different rebar combinations between 6 and 16 mm. With the built-in handle you can adjust the tool to the proper height to speed productivity and save your back and wrist. The Max RB655 tool has the advantage that it will work from 15mm to 65mm in all combinations.

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