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Senco SRT40-UK Rebar Tying Tool with 2 batteries.

Senco SRT40-UK Rebar Tying Tool with 2 batteries.

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Senco Rebar Tying Tool 12-40MM SRT40-UK

Article number 9VS7002N


The SENCO Rebar Tying Tool significantly boosts your efficiency compared to manual tying. The optimised design of the tying tool guarantees easy access to the intersection that needs to be tied. The brushless motors ensure faster and efficient tying: with only 0.6 to 0.8 seconds per tie, the tool makes tying reinforcement rods a simple task. The tool is equipped with brushless motors which ensures greater efficiency and longer service life. It increases the number of bindings per charge by 35% compared to a regular motor and it's much more durable.

Features & Benefits

  • Consistent and strong tying, longer life thanks to brushless motors, long operating time with Li-Ion 18V-4 Ah battery. From 160 (2 wraps) to 120 (3 wraps) ties per coil.


Tying of rebar in concrete applications and underfloor heating

Features & Benefits

  • Quick charging time
  • High number of cycles
  • No memory effect.
  • Complete with 2 Batteries

SENCO SRT40-UK rebar tying tool series.

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