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Senco SHF-15 Cleat Flooring Nailer Manual

Senco SHF-15 Cleat Flooring Nailer Manual

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Senco SHF15 Manual Cleat Flooring Nailer

The 7.6 lb., mallet-actuated senco SHF15 allows installers to simultaneously set floorboards and drive nails with a single strike. Senco's SHF15 offers a ratchet system that gives installers, “do-it-yourself” users, and hire shops a “multiple-hit” installation option that keeps nails not fully driven in position for additional mallet strikes. The SHF15 comes with a 3-1/2 lb. mallet and is ergonomically designed to improve productivity and reduce fatigue. It features a composite base to virtually eliminate damage to prefinished and unfinished flooring materials, a comfort-grip handle, and an easy two-step loading process.

  • Easy-to-use ratchet drive system allows cleats to be driven with multiple blows
  • Lightweight - only 7.6 lb
  • Composite base reduces scratching and surface damage
  • Mallet actuated (mallet included)

  • Senco SHF10 Cleat Nailer Tool


    Height: 17-3/4'
    Length: 14-3/8'
    Weight: 7.6 lb
    Collation: Straight
    Mode of Operation: Manual

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