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Senco SC2 Corrugated Fastener Tool

Senco SC2 Corrugated Fastener Tool

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Senco SC2 Corrugated Fastener Tool

Made for the professional production Line enviroment, the versatile SENCO® SC2 tool drives three sizes of fasteners for stronger joints and fewer assembly operations. It is designed to do a wide range of wood fastening applications better, faster and cheaper.

Added strength for larger butt joints

  • Powerful for hard and dense material
  • Eliminate gluing, milling, doweling, screwing and clamping the SC2 does it all!
  • Sencor© corrugated fasteners provide twice the joint strength of ordinary fasteners
  • One Year Warranty

    Senco SC2 Corrugated Fastener Tool


    Model SC2
    248 mm
    Length 322 mm
    Weight 3.1 kg
    Reg. Operating Pressure 90—110 psig (6.3—7.6 bar)
    Collation Strip
    Mode of Operation Sequential Actuation

    • Butt Joints
    • Cabinets
    • Door/Window Sash/Millwork
    • Furniture Frames
    • Mirror and Picture Frames
    • Pallets and Pallet Repair
    • Trusses
    • Crate and Box Assembly
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