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Senco SC15, Corrugated Fasteners, Select 6N2001N

Senco SC15, Corrugated Fasteners, Select 6N2001N

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Senco SC15, Corrugated Fasteners, Select 6N2001N


The versatile SENCO SC15 drives 9.5, 12.7, and 15.9mm corrugated staples for stronger joints and fewer assembly operations. This Pro Serie pneumatic stapler is designed to do a wide range of wood fastening applications better and faster.

Features & Benefits

  • Added strength for larger butt joints
  • Powerful for hard and dense material
  • Eliminate gluing, milling, doweling, screwing and clamping
  • SENCO corrugated fasteners provide twice the joint strength of ordinary fasteners


Butt and mitre joints, truss construction, window frames, wooden boxes, pallet repair, cabinet and furniture frames.


Technical specifications

Length 300 mm
Width 82 mm
Height 282 mm
Firing mode Dual
Air inlet size A 1/4" male
Air inlet standard ANPT
Air inlet unit A inch
Air consumption (at 60 shots per minute) 99 l/m
Sound pressure level (Lpa) 86 dB
Sound power level (Lwa) 99 dB
Staple type 1 X corrugated fastener
Magazine capacity 73 pieces
Includes case No
Collation type 1Glue collated
Fastener type Staples
Oil free No
Air inlet 11/4" male NPT
Operating pressure 4.8-8.3 bar
Operating temperature range -18-49 °C
Fastener length 19-15 mm
Air inlet size A number 1/4 female

Non-technical specifications

Warranty 1 year(s)
Net weight 2.41

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