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Senco S900FN, CH Clipped Head Strip Nailer

Senco S900FN, CH Clipped Head Strip Nailer

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Senco S900FN, CH Clipped Head Framing Nailer 4F2311N


The S900FN Framing Nailer drives nails up to 90mm into timber. Perfect for applications such as timber framing, sub-floors and fencing. This framing nailer is part of the SENCO SemiPro range. Built to SENCO's strict standards and offering incredible value for money, the range is designed for light-duty, semi-professional and DIY applications. SemiPro tools feature restrictive trigger action for maximum safety, and are covered by SENCO's 1-year Warranty. Easy to spot with red caps and black bodies.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable exhaust
  • Soft handle grip
  • No-mar pad
  • Adjustable depth-of-drive
  • Rear load magazine
  • Restrictive trigger only


Baseboards, cabinets, door and window frames, skirting boards, exterior trim, and furniture manufacture


Technical specifications

Length430 mm
Firing mode Restrictive
Air inlet size A 3/8" female
Air inlet standard ANPT
Air inlet unit A inch
Air consumption (at 60 shots per minute)274 l/m
Sound pressure level (Lpa) 85 dB
Sound power level (Lwa) 90 dB
Magazine capacity 80 pieces
Includes case Yes
Collation type 1 Paper collated
Fastener head type 1Clipped head
Collation angle 34 º
Fastener type CH strip nails
Oil free No
Air inlet 13/8" female NPT
Operating pressure 4.8-8.3 bar
Operating temperature range -18-49 °C
Fastener length 155-90 mm
Fastener diameter 12.87-3.3 mm
Air inlet size A number 1/4 female

Non-technical specifications

Warranty 1 year(s)
Net weight 3.78

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