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Senco N18BABB 41mm 16ga. Staples Pkt 10,000

Senco N18BABB 41mm 16ga. Staples Pkt 10,000

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Senco N18BAB Staple 16g Wire

Also Called 14 Series can be used through Porter Cable MS200, Rapesco R7, Omer M2 Kihlberg JK781

Senco N18BAB
Length 41mm
Packet 20,000
Ref N18BAB


Technical specifications

Length 41mm
Staple type N staple
Gauge 16 ga.
Staple-crown width nominal 10.6 mm
Collation type Glue collated
Collation angle 0 º
Point type Chisel
Wire material Regular galvanized standard tensile
Finish Sencoted
Fastener type Staples
Amount fasteners on strip 59-61 pieces

Non-technical specifications

Package quantity 10,000 pieces

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