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Senco CoilPro90, Coil Nailer, Dual Action Trigger 1VS2001N

Senco CoilPro90, Coil Nailer, Dual Action Trigger 1VS2001N

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Senco CoilPro90, Coil Nailer, Dual Action Trigger 1VS2001N


This pneumatic CoilPro90 coil nailer runs both wire and plastic collated nails ranging from 2,5 to 3,3mm in diameter and 45 to 90mm in length. This Pro Series coil nailer can span a wide range of applications from framing and siding to sub-flooring and decks.

Features & Benefits

  • Selectable trigger
  • Adjustable depth of drive
  • Well balanced and lightweight
  • Nose with saw tooth for more grip
  • Guide body improvement for better nail guidance
  • Upgraded safety, driver, magazine and nose piece


Roofs, Decking, Cladding, Sub-flooring, Pallet and crates, Timber frame construction


Technical specifications

Length 305 mm
Width 128 mm
Height 373 mm
Firing mode Dual
Air inlet size A 3/8" female
Air inlet standard ANPT
Air inlet unit A inch
Air consumption (at 60 shots per minute) 157 l/m
Sound pressure level (Lpa) 98 dB
Sound power level (Lwa)107 dB
Magazine capacity 300 pieces
Includes case No
Shots / second 3
Collation type 1 Wire collated
Fastener head type 1Full round head
Collation angle 15 º
Fastener type Coil nails
Oil free No
Air inlet 13/8" female NPT
Operating pressure 4.8-8.3 bar
Operating temperature range -18-49 °C
Fastener length 145-90 mm
Fastener diameter 12.5-3.3 mm
Load capacity 150-300 pieces

Non-technical specifications

Warranty 1 year(s)

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