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Senco C08BACP9005 C Staples 12MM, RAL9005

Senco C08BACP9005 C Staples 12MM, RAL9005

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Senco C08BACP9005 C Staples 12MM, RAL9005



C staple galvanized, bulk, RAL colour


Furniture upholstery, felt, insulation, case backs, screening and shoes


Technical specifications

Length 12.7 mm
Staple type 1 C staple
Gauge 22 ga.
Staple-crown width nominal 9.5 mm
Collation type 1 Glue collated
Collation angle 0 º
Point type Chisel
Wire material Regular galvanized standard tensile
Finish Painted
Fastener type Staples
Amount fasteners on strip/coil 178-180 pieces

Non-technical specifications

Net weight unit gram
Package quantity 35000 pieces
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