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Senco Battery Powered F-35XP Fusion Framing Nailer CH 10G7001N

Senco Battery Powered F-35XP Fusion Framing Nailer CH 10G7001N

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Senco Battery Powered F-35XP Fusion Framing Nailer CH 10G7001N


Senco F-35XP Featuring Fusion Technology providing true pneumatic feel, speed and power with cordless convenience, the F-35XP drives up to 90mm x 3.8mm framing nails into the hardest substrates without the expense and hassle of fuel cells. With its robust design and durable construction the F-35XP is ideal for professional framers and contractors.

Features & Benefits

  • Fusion cordless air-power technology, No hose, compressor or fuel cell
  • Pneumatic-like response with no ramp up time
  • Jam Reduction Intelligence for fewer nail jams
  • Dry fire lockout
  • Aggressive toenail safety
  • Rugged rafter hook
  • Refillable air port
  • On board tool and battery indicator lights
  • Includes Two 3.0Ah 18V Li-ion Batteries
  • 5 amp charger quickly recharges battery


Framing, panelised construction, truss building, subflooring, sheathing, decking, siding, fencing, pallets and crate assembly


Technical specifications

Length 35.6 mm
Firing mode Dual
Sound pressure level (Lpa)8 5 dB
Sound power level (Lwa) 96 dB
Shank type fastener 1 Smooth shank
Magazine capacity 60 pieces
Includes case Yes
Electrical plug type UK
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery voltage 18 V
Battery ampere rating 3Ah
Battery power 54 W
Recharge time 80% 30 minutes
Recharge time 100% 60 minutes
Number of batteries in kit 2 pieces
Collation type Paper collated
Fastener head type Clipped head
Collation angle  34 º
Fastener type Strip nails
Fastener length 150-90 mm

Non-technical specifications

Warranty 2 year(s)
Net weight .16
Net weight unit kg
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