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Senco AC4504, FinishPro18MG, Starter Kit 110V UK AFN0024KITUK

Senco AC4504, FinishPro18MG, Starter Kit 110V UK AFN0024KITUK

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Senco AC4504, FinishPro18MG, Starter Kit 110V UK AFN0024KITUK


This Kit includes the low noise AC4504 compressor, the light weight and durable FinishPro18Mg 18g brad nailer, a blister pack of brads a 5m PU hose and safety googles to insure you have all you need to get started

Features & Benefits

  • All-in-one set: ready for use
  • Senco Low Noise Compressor
  • FinishPro18Mg brad nailer
  • Blister pack of brads
  • 5m PU hose with connections


Cabinets, small trim, furniture repair, case backs, baseboards, chair rails, picture frames, ornamentals


Technical specifications

Air inlet standard ANPT
Air inlet unit A inch
Sound pressure level (Lpa) 58 dB
Sound power level (Lwa) 69 dB
Shank type fastener 1 Smooth shank
Magazine capacity 110 pieces
Voltage (ac) 110 V
Electrical plug type UK
Nominal power (KW) 0.24 kW
Nominal power (HP) 0.37 HP
Rotations per minute (RPM) 1420 RPM
Tank Capacity 4 Litre
Max output pressure 8 bar
Air displacement 45 l/m
Airflow (6 bar) 28 l/m
Number of air outlets 1
Air outlet socket 1 Universal coupler
Collation type 1 Glue collated
Fastener head type 1 Brad head
Fastener type Brads
Oil free Yes
Operating pressure 4.8-8.3 bar
Operating temperature range -18-49 °C
Fastener length 115-50 mm
Fastener diameter 11.18-1.2 mm
Load capacity 110-110 pieces
Air inlet size A number 1/4 female
Motor Sce class S3 Intermittent service

Non-technical specifications

Warranty 1 year(s)
Net weight 12.1

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