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Raptor Plastic Staples By Raptor 81P/14mm

Raptor Plastic Staples By Raptor 81P/14mm

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RAPTOR®Polymer Staples 14mm

RAPTOR nails and staples are patented fasteners they are high strength polymer composite nails and staples (completely non-metal) for pneumatic nailers, and pneumatic staplers. Boxed in 5040's

NO RUST: RAPTOR nails and staples are not susceptible to the corrosion and oxidation that attacks metal, so your manufactured product retains its beautiful new appearance.
NO NEED TO REMOVE: RAPTOR are able to be sanded and sawed without tool damage, so you will not need to replace sanding belts, blades and router bits as often.
MICROWAVE DRYING: Unlike metal, RAPTOR can be put into RF or microwave drying ovens without arcing. These fasteners can also withstand temperatures up to 350oF for several hours!
WEATHER RESISTANT: RAPTOR are UV resistant, and they are virtually unaffected by chlorine, acids and solvents such as gasoline and oil.
STRONG: The tensile strength of nailed wooden connections is about twice as great with RAPTOR nails and staples compared to ordinary metal. The nailed connection is actually stronger and remains tight with time and aging.

RAPTOR® staples retain their strength even after long-term immersion in most liquids such as:
    • Organic Solvents
    • Aqueous Solutions
    • Automotive Fluids

RAPTOR Thermal Properties

Drivability performance unaffected by low temperatures. Tested down to -30oF.
Continuous Use Temperature: 350oF
Short Duration Temperature Limit: 500oF
Ash Temperature: 900oF

For technical help please call 0560 113 9922
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