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Muro ViSlider VL62E-17-EF - Heavy Duty Collated Screwdriver

Muro ViSlider VL62E-17-EF - Heavy Duty Collated Screwdriver

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Muro ViSlider VL62E-17-EF - Heavy Duty Collated Screwdriver

  • Drives # 12 to 1/4' diameter self taping screws
  • Tremendous labour savings on every job
  • Combines two jobs into one - no pre-drilling of pilot holes required, a simple one step operation.
Muro Vislider VL62-17EF Recommended Applications

  • Wood to Mild Steel
  • Wood to Aluminium
  • Wood to Steel Framing
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Truck & Trailer Restoration
  • Rail Passenger Carriages
Muro Vislider VL62-17EF User Features

  • Adjustable depth control for repeatable countersinking no raised screw heads.
  • Drives 32 to 100mm screws - slight adjustment required.
  • Reversible
  • Capable of drilling hardened steel
  • 100 screws per coil.
  • Drives special RSM screws - wings ream a slightly oversized hole so threads will not engage wood, keeping hole free of wood debris resulting in a very tight attachment.
  • Wings break off when they hit the steel, and the threads engage and self tap into metal.
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Ergonomically friendly - no more reaching for every single screw, T bar extension handle allows you to work standing up, no more long days of kneeling or stooping.
Muro Vislider 62-17EF Mechanical Specifications

Makita HP2070F
Variable 0 - 1700 / 0 - 2900 RPM
8.2 amp
Drive Depth:

Vislider VL62-17EF Operational Accessories

Double ended bits - that change quickly, no tools needed.

Part Number
Phillips #2 Recess
Square #2 Recess
Square # 3 Recess

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