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MAX HVR41G4 screw driver

MAX HVR41G4 screw driver

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MAX HVR41G4 screw driver

PowerLite High Pressure
41mm TURBO screw driver

The MAX HVR41G4 is a top of the line professional grade pneumatic turbo screw driver powered by MAX's Power lite compressor. The HVR41G4 can shoot up to 41mm screw. HVR41G4 has original fastening mechanism that combines hitting and screwing to make screwing process quicker.


  • Ultra quick screwing within 0.06 sec
  • It can screw metal stud and wooden structure by adjusting a lever
  • It has a "toe screwing moed" allows screw to get into drywall at an angle.


1.9 kg

312mm(H) x 116mm(W) x 300mm(L)

Safety glasses, Carry case
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