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Max CN550S/CE Collation Wire and Plastic Coil Nailer

Max CN550S/CE Collation Wire and Plastic Coil Nailer

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Max CN550S/CE Collation Wire and Plastic Coil Nailer

The MAX CN550S coil nailer made by Max Pneumatic Corp. of Japan, one of the lightest on the market at 2.0Kg . The high nail capacity of up to 400 nails in the MAX 550S minimizes production interruption. The Max CN550S magazine top swings out so you can reload in seconds. Able to take both PLASTIC or Wire Welded conical Nail collation. An adjustable-height tray allows for quick change of nail lengths, permitting you to drive a broader range of nail lengths from 25mm - 50mm. Please state wether Bottom Fire or Restrictive trigger is required

Max CN550S/CE Coil Nailer Tool


Height: 275 mm
Length: 270 mm
Weight: 2.0 kg
Reg. Operating Pressure: 60—100 psig (4.8—7 bar)
Collation: Wire Weld Conical Coil Nails OR Plastic Collation Conical Coil Nails
Full Round-Head Nails. 25mm-50mm Ring & Smooth.
Capacity: up to 400
Mode of Operation: Contact or Sequential Actuation

· High Load Capacity 400 nails to minimize production interruption
· Weighs just 2.0Kg for ease of handling
· Trigger lock to prevent accidental firings when the tool is not in use
· Drives Full Round Head Nails for appearance and craftmanship requirements
· Easy-Load Coil Nailer Canister reloads in seconds
· Adjustable depth of drive control for the precise countersink


· Furniture Frames
· Packaging
· Pallets and Pallet Repair
· Subflooring

· Crate and Box Assembly

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