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Josef Kihlberg

Khilberg JK20T680L Plier

Khilberg JK20T680L Plier

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Josef Kihlberg JK20/680L Plier

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The JK20T680L heavy duty pneumatic plier is noteworthy for its robust design, low weight and well balanced body, which makes the JK20/680L plier easy to work with. The JK20-type power unit has provided dependable operation for many years, assuring good reliability and excellent stapling qualities. The JK20T680L stapling tongue is pneumatically driven and both compresses and staples the material simultaneously. The JK20T680L plier is primarily intended for stapling packaging, bags and various types of sheeting but also ideally suited to such applications as industrial stapling and splicing of different materials. The model L differs from the standard plier by its double capacity magazine. It is therefore best suited for applications with frequent stapling. The JK20T680L uses staple JK680 staple in leg lengths from 8 to 16 mm.

For New tools, this is now only available to order, we do have some second user machines available, please call our sales team for further details.

Kihlberg JK20T680L Plier

Length 370 mm (14 1/2”)
Width 65 mm ( 2 5/8”)
Height 305mm (12”)
Weight 2.1 kg (4 lb 10 oz)
Throat opening 22 mm ( 7/8”)
Throat depth 140 mm (5 7/8”)
Magazine capacity 168 staples (Standard)
Air pressure 5-6 bar (70-85 psi)
Air consumption per stroke at 6 bar 0.3 litre

Special variants The plier can be equipped with a C-shaped stapling tongue order number 158228 for the right-handed blade and 158233 for the left-handed. YOU MUST SPECIFY THE VARIENT YOU NEED WHEN ORDERING For information please contact our information service

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