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Duo-fast 18/22 Divergent Point Carton 30,000 Flooring Staples

Duo-fast 18/22 Divergent Point Carton 30,000 Flooring Staples

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DuoFast Divergent Flooring Staples 18gauge 22mm 18/22

Now discontinued.. but we have an alternative that are better quality!


We have now our own brand manufactured to the same specification please call 0560 113 9922 for a free sample.

The DuoFast 18/22 divergent flooring staple design allows the staple legs to turn outward from front to back of the crown when the staple legs come into contact with timber. Most common use for DuoFast Divergent Point Staples, for example, is in the flooring trade as, when used in floor preparation they will not “walk” out of a floorboard when ply lining. We primarily sell the 22mm leg length as this does not allow the staple to penetrate the floorboard as commonly used is the 3/4' board, however, we strongly advise that you check the board before use.

DuoFast 18/22 Divergent point Flooring Staples

Ref DuoFast 18/22 Divergent flooring staple

0560 113 9922

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