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Bostitch PC2K Hammer Tacker

Bostitch PC2K Hammer Tacker

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Tool Details

  • Constructed with a die cast long reach handle for tough but comfortable use, the PC2K features a unique anti jam design that reduces down-time, increasing productivity.
  • The 2 stick magazine capacity means less reloading and the carefully designed weight-balance allows effortless use.
  • The STCR Power Crown staple features built in technology to ensure consistent, secure stapling. The angled crown eliminates space in the driver channel, minimising staple buckling as found in conventional staples, and are available with both galvanised and stainless steel finishes.

PC2K Features
  • Rubber Comfort Grip Rubber Comfort Grip
  • Quick Load Magazine Quick Load Magazine
  • Jam Free Design Jam Free Design
  • Integrated Pusher Spring Integrated Pusher Spring
  • Tool Belt Tool Belt
  • Extra Wide Foot Extra Wide Foot
  • Offset Handle Offset Handle

Power type Manual
STCR5019 Series Fasteners:
Crown (mm) 10 (min) 11.1 (max)
Length (mm) 6 (min) 12 (max)

SCR5019 Series Fasteners
SKU Crown Length Finish Point Qty per box
STCR501906AL 10 6 Alu CP 5000
STCR501906Z 10 6 Galv CP 5000
STCR50191/4-1M 10 6 Galv CP 1000
STCR501908Z 10 8 Galv CP 5000
STCR501910N 10 10 Galv CP 5000
STCR501910Z 10 10 Galv CP 5000
STCR50193/8-1M 10 10 Galv CP 1000
STCR50191/2-1M 10 12 Galv CP 1000
STCR501912N 10 12 Galv CP 5000
STCR501912Z 10 12 Galv CP 5000

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