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Senco SFT10XP C Series Stapler from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners

Senco SFT10XP C Series Stapler from L.D. Leigh collatedfastenersGenuine Senco Products from L.D. Leigh collatedfastenersSenco C Series staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Price: £210.00 RRP: £260.51 - you save £50.51! Ex VAT: £175.00
Manufacturer: Senco
Manuf part number: 6S2021N
Weight: 40000.00
Senco SFT10XP C Series Pneumatic Tacker

The Senco SFT10XP C Series tacker is the most popular tool favoured by professional upholsters, designed with a standard nose and streamlined barrel, the Senco SFT10XP fits in tight places and provides excellent line-of-sight to your work area. The Senco SFT10XP is perfect for upholstering, and working with leather goods, light trim, molding, screening and picture frames. Added features of the SFT10XP include one-touch magazine release and easy bottom loading.  

It is also available with variable speed control & high-load capacity, the Senco SFT10 Sencomatic can adjust from a single shot to 1,600 cycles per minute. Please note that this model is not shown here, please call for prices & brochure.

Senco SFT10XP C Series Upholstery Stapler


Height: 6-1/8"(155 mm)
Length: 8-5/8"(218 mm)
Weight: 2—2.2 lb( .9 kg)
Reg. Operating Pressure: 75—100 psig (5.2—6.9 bar)
Collation: straight
Mode of Operation: Single Actuation as standard
Staple Range:6 - 16mm
Reference: 6S2021N

Senco SFT10XP Features
  • Standard 1" lip length, with long nose model available* Senco SFT10 LN avialable
  • Sencomatic© rapid-fire models and double length magazines available*
  • No single model drives entire range of staples indicated. Please consult our Customer Service for specified model.


    Senco SFT10XP applications 
  • Cabinets
  • Casebacks
  • Decorative Trim
  • Dust Covers
  • Felt Installation
  • Insulation Attachment
  • Molding
  • Roofing Felt
  • Shoemaking
  • Trim
  • TV and Stereo Grille Cloth
  • Upholstery