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Duraspin 42K25MY Wooden Flooring to Wood Screws from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco Duraspin 42K25MK Wooden Flooring to Wood Screws Manufacturer: Senco Range: Duraspin Code: 42K25MK Diamentions: 4.2 x 25mm Head: Flat...
Bostitch N203R28FPG8AT2 Coil Nail 2.03 x 28 Ring Galv FP Carton 16000 From L. D. Leigh Collatedfasteners
Bostitch N203R28FPG8AT2 Reference Shank Coating Description Carton ...
Bostitch N58C From L. D. Leigh colatedfasteners
Bostitch N58C-1-E Tool Details The Bostitch N58C -1 -E Coil Nailer is ideal for shed and fence work, the Bostitch N58C-1E tool is ideal for anyone...
Senco Duraspin DS275 - 18v Li-Ion battery with 2 Batteries from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco Duraspin DS275 18v Drywall Screwdriver with 2 x Li-ion Batteries Duraspin DS275 18v Li-Ion From drywall to decking to floor sheathing,...
Duraspin 39B35MP Drywall to Light Steel Screws from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco Duraspin 35B35MP Drywall to Light Steel Reference: 35B35MP Diamentions: 3.9 x 35mm Head: Bugle Drive: Phillips Thread: Fine Point: Sharp Finish: Zinc...
This item has no description
Tacwise 0405 DA19 Angled Finish Nails from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Brand   Tacwise 0405 Description   DA19 Angled Finish Nail Ref Length   DA19 44mm ...
Senco L14BAB Staples from L.D. Leigh
Senco L14BAB Staples Pkt 5,000 90 Series 18 Gague Wire Staple Fits through BeA, Bostich S32SX, Omer 90 Series, Porter Cable NS   Ref...
Duraspin Screws From L.D. Leigh
Senco Duraspin 39A45MP Drywall to wood Screws Reference 39A45MP Diamentions 3.9 x 45mm Head Bugle Drive Phillips Thread Coarse Point Sharp Finish...
Senco RX13EAA-FC Fuel Cell + 16 Gauge Straight Brads 25mm from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco RX13EAA 16g Brad 16/25 Straight With Gas.  Brand Senco Description Brad & Gas Length 25...
Senco 16g Brads from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco RX23EAA 16g Brad 16/55 Straight Brand Senco Description Brad Length 55 mm Carton quantity ...
Senco N13BAB 25mm Galvanised Staples Carton 20,000 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco N13BAB 25mm Galvanised Staples 18g Wire.  Carton of 20,000 Code    N13BAB Length 25mm Packet 20,000 Senco N Series are...
Duraspin 40H40MC Chipboard to Wood Screws from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco Duraspin 40H40MC Chipboard to Wood Screws Manufacturer: Senco Range: Duraspin Code: 40H40MC Diamentions: 4.0 x 45mm Head: Flat Head Drive:...
Senco 23g veneer pin from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco JS25ECA Brand Senco Description JS25ECA Pin Length 25 mm Carton quantity 5 ...
Senco 71 Series Staples From L.D. Leigh & Co. Industrial Stapling
Senco C04 BAAP 71/6 Upholstery Staples Senco C04BAAP 6mm Upholstery Staple come packed in cartons of 280M (8 Packets of 35M inside)
Tacwise 0382 Staples 80/08 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Tacwise 80/08 Staples Pkt 10,000 Tacwise 80 Series Wire Staple Fits through BeA 380 and 80, Atro 8, Bostich 80 az33, Omer 80 Series, Kihlberg 680 and...
Tacwise 0378 Staples 1400/10 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Tacwise 1400/10 Staples Pkt 5,000 Tacwise 1400 Series Staple Fits through Fasco F1B 14-16, Omer 68.16 and Haubold tools ...
Montana GSN34-90 Gas Powered Strip Nailer from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Montana GSN34-90/CE First Fix Framing Nailer The Montana GSN34-90/CE First-Fix framing nailer is an ideal alternative for those looking for a...
L.D. Leigh & Co. Limited Product range includes: Senco 16 Gauge Brads | Senco 16g Brad Nail Tools | Tacwise 18 Gauge Brads | Senco 18g Brad Nail Tools | Senco 23g Pinners | Senco 71 Series Staples | Accessories | Airlines & Accessories Angled Brads | Angled Finish Nail Tools | Angled Finish Nails | Battery Technology Tools | Bostitch Tools | Brads | BeA Brad Nailers | BeA Staplers | BeA Strip Nailers | BeA Coil Nailers | BeA Spares |Carton Sealing Staples | Cleat Nail Tool For Hardwood Flooring | Cleat Nails For Flooring | Coil Nail Tools | Coil Nails | Compressors | Corrugated Fastening Tools | Duraspin Screws | Duraspin Tools | Fine Wire Staplers | Gabion Clips | Gabion Rings | Hamex Fuel Cells | Gas & Nail Packs | Gas Nail Tools | Heavy Wire Staple Tools | Heavy Wire Staples | Hog Ring Tools | Hog Rings | Kihlberg Carton Closing Tools | Kihlberg Packaging Staples | Medium Wire Staple Tools | Muro ViSlider | Collated Screwdrivers | Muro ViSlider Screws | Nailers | Pins | Rebar Tools | Senco L Series Staples | Senco N Series Staples | Staplers | Staples | Brads | Pins | Nails | Fasteners | Strip Nail Tools | First Fix Strip Nails | Tool Servicing & Spares | Upholstery staples | Senco Fastening Systems | Duraspin | Paslode Gas and Nails | Gas & Nails | NFP | Nail and Fuel Packs | Pneumatic Tools | Pneumatic Staplers | Pneumatic Nailers | Fasteners | Cabinet Fastening Solutions | Millwork Fastening Solutions | Truss Fastening Solutions | Flooring Fastening Solutions | Furniture Fastening Solutions | Carpet Fastening | Construction Fastening | Remodeling Fastening | Pallet Fastening | Packaging Fastening | Duo-Fast Service | Duo-Fast Repair | Duo-Fast Parts | Duo-Fast Accessories
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