Max RB397 Rebar Tying Tool

MAX RB397 Re-Bar Tying Tool Deal This deal consists of 10 cartons of tie wire (Approx 60,000 ties*) a brand new MAX RB397 Rebar Tying...

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MAX RB397 Re-Bar Tying Tool Deal

This deal consists of 10 cartons of tie wire (Approx 60,000 ties*) a brand new MAX RB397 Rebar Tying Tool with two batteries & charger

The MAX RB397 rebar Tying tool reduces tying time by being 5 times faster than manual tying the tie in less than 1 second, with consistent tie strength and high speed, Max RB397 also saves you time and money thanks to the Lithium-lon battery technology, the MAX RB397 ties approx. 2,000 ties per charge, which is quicker than Ni-Cd models. Less charging time means more productive work on the jobsites. The Lithium-Ion battery has no Memory Effect so you can charge the battery whenever convenient.

By pulling the trigger the operation reduces potential wrist damage such as carpal tunnel injuries compared to old fashioned manual tying, and using the optional extension bar reduces the risk of back injuries for mat work. The light weight & compact body means the 2.36Kg MAX RB397 is easy to handle and allows operator to hold re-bar while tying, reducing set up time. Features include auto shutoff extending battery life and a reversible belt hook eliminates bulky holster and keeps tool handy and safe. MAX RB397 uses only genuine MAX TW897A, TW897A-PC and TW897A-EG tying wire.

The brushless electric motor in the MAX RB397 offers higher efficiency and longer life, increasing ties per charge by 35% comparing with the older model motor and does not require service caused by brush erosion or dirt on commutator as the tool is better sealed to keep debris out of tool. To extend tool life MAX recommends daily blow out of tool with compressed air and has added channels to ease cleaning.

MAX RB397 Applicable Re-Bar Size Combination (Total bar combination 20mm - 39mm)
Tool model
Max RB397
10mm x 10mm
19mm x 19mm

MAX RB397 Tool Specifications

30.5 H
105 W
290 L

Less than one second
3 wraps/tie (21 Ga. wire)
10mm x 10mm
16mm x 19mm
TW897A (Regular Steel wire),
TW897A-EG (Electro Galvanized wire),
TW897A-PC (Polyester-Coated wire)

RB387 Extension bar (Walking Stick)
RB397 Extra Batteries

MAX RB397 Applications

  • Ideal for large reinforcement projects
  • Commercial building
  • Floors
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Foundations
  • Prefab plants
MAX RB397 Features and Benefits

  • User friendly
  • Reduce risk of health problems
  • Reduce tying time
  • Reduce tying costs
  • Constant Quality
  • Less training needed
  • Fast and easy loading of coils
  • No sharp cutting ends
  • No cutting rests between reinforcement bars
  • No wire loss
  • Ergonomically designed to position
  • Automatic positioning mechanism
  • Press mechanism to reduce failures
  • Tough heavy duty construction

Max RB397

For further details on the MAX RB397 tool please call us on 0560 113 9922

*dependant on bar combination