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Josef Kihlberg

Kihlberg JK20-680 Pneumatic Tacker

Kihlberg JK20-680 Pneumatic Tacker

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Josef Kihlberg JK20-680 Tacker


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The JK20-680 is an excellent tool for the furniture industry, and many other trades. Due to its low weight and good balance, the JK20-680 can be used for long periods without tiring the hand arm muscles. As a safety feature, the JK20-680 magazine is top loaded which prevents accidental firing towards the operator’s face during loading. The fast top loading method makes the JK20-680 even more efficient. The tool features a high speed low weight piston system which results in a hardly noticeable recoil. The compact nose shape gives the JK20-680 very good precision, but it is still easy to clear in case of a jam. The nose has a pivoting door that is easily opened. This minimizes production stoppages. The JK20-680 tacker is equipped with an efficient silencer. For easier service and maintenance of this tool, sets of spares are available, containing parts that are most subjct to wear. The JK20-680 uses staple JK680 in leg lengths from 6 to 16 mm.

Josef Kihlberg JK20-680 Technical data

Length 230 mm (9”)

Height 150 mm (5 7/8”)

Weight 0.97 kg (2lb 2oz)

Magazine capacity 143 staples

Air pressure 5 - 6 bar(70-85psi)

Air consumption per stroke at 6 bar 0.2 litre

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