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Josef Kihlberg

Khilberg JKB561PN Pneumatic Bottom Sealer

Khilberg JKB561PN Pneumatic Bottom Sealer

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Josef Kihlberg JKB561PN
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The JKB561PN Stapler model B is primarily used for carton bottom stapling, but can also be used for other stapling needs. This JKB561PN stapling machine is intended for continuous use in packaging departments and in industry. Powered by air supplied at around 60-100psi, the Kihlberg JKB561PN was therefore designed to be very robust, with a steel tubing frame and wearing parts of hardened steel. Kihlberg JKB561PN machines are possiblly the most popular pneumatic type of this tool. Variants available have side arms or vertical post options dependant on application, Please contact our technical dept for further assistance and quote JKB561PN

There are two versions available for type JK53 and type JK561 industrial staples. For closing long production runs of boxes we therefore recommend the pneumatic model B/PN. All Kihlberg JKB561PN machines are supplied with a plexiglass safety shield, and are CE marked.

JKB561PN Technical data

Ref JKB561PN
Length 920mm
Width 750mm
Height 1350mm
Weight 39 kg

Throat depth 400mm
Free anvil height with pn. drive 1000
Operating pressure 72 psi
Max. pressure 100 psi
Consumption per stroke at 6 bar, litre 1
Magazine capacity 300 JK561 Series
Staple type JK561/15 or JK561/18
Model ref JKB561PN

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