Gabion Basket Construction With HIGH TENSILE Clips

When constructing Gabion Baskets, they MUST BE either laced or clipped with HIGH TESNILE Gabion wire, otherwise the construction is compromised and will fail over time. Many companies are not advising clients that this is the case.

L.D. Leigh & Co. Limited offer HIGH TENSILE Gabion Clips for the construction of both Gabion Baskets & Gabion Mattresses. Used in civil engineering applications for the retention of river banking or, earthworks, the rings are applied to the Gabions with either a manual tool or, for larger projects, a pneumatically powered tool allowing much faster use, The High tensile gabion Galfan coated rings are suitable for most applications however, should the baskets be submerged underwater or in a corossive application such as a marine or chemical enviroment then we are able to supply Stainless Steel Gabion Clips. L.D. Leigh & co can supply Gabion Basket and Gabion Mattress rings to major construction projects direct to site . Please contact our technical department at or by calling 0560 113 9922 for further information

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