Collated Fasteners

TyTecker Rebar Tool from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners

TyTecker Rebar Tool from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Manufacturer: Ty-Tecker
Manuf part number: TT1950A
Developed in the Netherlands, TyTecker is a unique, long-reach, power-tying system that permits high-speed rebar tying up to 3 times faster than is achievable manually.

The other massive benefit for operators is that because the adjustable, ergonomically designed TyTecker tool enables the tying to be done without having to stoop or bend, the all too common health risk of back injuries and consequent time-off is virtually eliminated.

The TyTecker system uses pre-coiled ties designed for use with crossed bars up to 16:12mm or parallel bars up to 16:16mm, and unlike with manual methods, the tool always ensures ultra-consistent, high quality ties every time.

TyTecker Toolset

Code TT1950A
Brand Tytecker
ApplicationRebar tying

Weight 6.2 kg
Length 1050 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 200 mm
Trigger Trigger fire
Fastener capacity 100
Fastener range TyTecker Clip
Warranty 1 year(s)
Voltage 14.4 volt
RPM 600
Battery capacity 3 Ah

  • 14,4 Volt
  • 3 Ah batteries
  • 600 RPM
  • Tying speed: 0,8 second/ tie
  • Weight: 6,2 kg including battery
  • Height: 200 mm
  • Width: 260 mm
  • Length: 1050 mm
  • Fastener capacity: 100 clips (2 cartridges)
  • Ties per charge: 800

  • Ideal for large horizontal reinforcement projects (flat work)
  • Commercial building
  • Floors
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Foundations
  • Prefab plants
Features and Benefits

  • User friendly
  • Reduce risk of health problems
  • Reduce tying time
  • Reduce tying costs
  • Constant Quality
  • Less training needed
  • Fast and easy loading of tying clips
  • No space needed below rebar
  • No sharp cutting ends
  • No cutting rests between reinforcement bars
  • No wire loss
  • Ergonomically designed to position
  • Automatic positioning mechanism
  • Press mechanism to reduce failures
  • Tough heavy duty construction
  • Each kit comes complete with tool, carrying case, charger, two batteries and holster bags for tying clips
Applicable Bar size combinations

  • All crossed rebar combinations minimum 6-6 mm maximum 16-16 mm
  • All parallel rebar combinations minimum 6-6 mm maximum 16-16 mm
  • Maximum height of tie after application is 10 mm