Collated Fasteners

TyTecker Clips from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners

TyTecker Clips from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Manufacturer: Ty-Tecker, Ty-Tecker
Manuf part number: TTC30N14600, TTC30N14600
TyTecker offers a new revolutionary tying system uniquely designed to replace the manual and backbreaking process of tying rebar. The TyTecker tying system is based on the revolutionary new spiral tying clip for an application of both crossed and parallel reinforcement bars.

  • The TyTecker spiral shaped clip is "screwed" around the reinforcing bars until it deforms and tightens the bars.
  • The spring steel material realizes a very strong connection and a constant quality of the tie.
  • TyTecker clips are combined in cartridges of 50 clips for easy handling.
  • The clip has one unique size for tying all different rebar combinations of 6-16 mm.
  • The height of the clip after application is maximum 10 mm, so there is no problem with concrete coverage
  • Quantity discounts for bulk purchases available
TyTecker has specially developed a production process for the mass production of tying clips combined in cartridges. This "inhouse" development ensures TyTecker an, in-time delivery of the tying clips for now, and in the future as well as low cost production. Also the quality of the cartridges is guaranteed.

50 tying clips are combined in one TyTecker cartridge, so the cartridge is very compact and easy to load. The TyTecker cartridges are packed in boxes of 12, well protected for transportation. The box fits in a specially developed bag which can be attached to the steelfixer’s belt. This working method ensures the steelfixer minimum interruption time is needed reloading the TyTecker tool.

TyTecker Specifications:

  • Cartridges per box: 12
  • Tying clips per box: 600
  • Box dimensions: 206 x 77 x 72
  • Weight per box : 2,44 kg

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