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Omer 50 Series staples from L.D. Leigh Collatedfasteners
Omer 50.16CL  Double length magazine Tacker model OMER stapler 50.16 staple type OMER 50 crown 11.3 mm wire section 20...
Senco 16g Brads from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco 16g Brad 32mm RX15EAA Brand Senco Ref RX15EAA Length 32 mm Carton quantity 2,000...
Senco B Series staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco B04BAAP Staples Pkt 25,000 Senco B04BAAP series Galvanised staple 6mm Ref B04BAAP Length 6mm Packet Size 25,000 Finish Galvanised
Senco 18gauge brads from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco AY13EAAP 25mm Type 18g Brad Brand Senco Ref AY13EAAP  Length 25 mm Carton...
Senco DA Series Angled Nails From L.D. Leigh & Co. Industrial Stapling
Brand Senco Description DA25EAB Angled Finish Nail Order Length DA25EAB  63mm Packet quantity ...
Senco Duraspin DS202 14v Drywall Tool £234.00 From L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco Duraspin DS202 14v Battery Drywall screwgun***** NOW DISCONTINUED**** Designed for a wide variety of screw fastening applications. The DS202 - 14V...
Senco SFW10 Tackers from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco SFW10XP AT (80) Series Professional Grade Fine Wire Stapler This durable, fine-wire SENCO ®   SFW10XP AT Series air powered tool is...
Senco SNS44XP Heavy Wire Stapler From L.D. Leigh & Co. Industrial Stapling
Senco SNS44XP Tool Specification Senco SNS44XP Heavy Duty Stapler   Ref SNS41XP Height 279.4 mm Length 355.6 mm Weight 2 kg Collation:...
Senco N17BAB Staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco N17BAB 38mm Galvanised Staples 18g Wire.  Carton of 10,000 Code    N17BAB Length 38mm Packet 10,000...
Raptor Plastic staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
RAPTOR ® Polymer Staples 10mm Ideal for Timber Frame Housing RAPTOR nails and staples are patented fasteners they are high strength composite...
Genuine Montana products from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Montana Second Fix Framing Nailer Gas  Suitable for ALL makes of Second fix Brad nailer and stapling tools, the Montana framing nailer...
Genuine Muro Products from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Muro Vislider CS2632UT | RSM532BFL  Superwing Floor Screws Muro Vislider CS2632UT Superwing Screw Reference has been replaced by ...
Tacwise 0386 17/25 Wide Crown Staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Brand   Tacwise 0386 Description   Brad Length   25 mm Carton quantity   ...
Muro Vislider Tool Bag from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Muro ViSlider VL41 series Tool Bag Suitable for the VL range of Muro tools, these tool bags keep your ViSlider clean, safe and tidy.
Senco AZ13EAAP 18/25 HEADLESS Brads Pkt 5,000 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco AZ113 EAAP 25mm 18g Headless Brad 18/25 Brand   Senco Ref   AZ13EAAP Length ...
JK20T680LPlier from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Josef Kihlberg JK20/680L Plier The JK20T680L heavy duty pneumatic plier is noteworthy for its robust design, low weight and well balanced body, which...
Senco AX19EAAP Brads Pkt 5,000  from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Brand Senco Description AX19EAAP Length 44mm Carton quantity 5 Head type Medium...
Senco C01BAAP 71/3 Staple Packet 50M £59.00 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
Senco C01BAAP Staples Pkt 50,000 Senco C01BAAP series Galvanised staple 3 Ref C01BAAP Length 3mm Packet Size 50,000 Finish Galvanised
L.D. Leigh & Co. Limited Product range includes: Senco 16 Gauge Brads | Senco 16g Brad Nail Tools | Tacwise 18 Gauge Brads | Senco 18g Brad Nail Tools | Senco 23g Pinners | Senco 71 Series Staples | Accessories | Airlines & Accessories Angled Brads | Angled Finish Nail Tools | Angled Finish Nails | Battery Technology Tools | Bostitch Tools | Brads | BeA Brad Nailers | BeA Staplers | BeA Strip Nailers | BeA Coil Nailers | BeA Spares |Carton Sealing Staples | Cleat Nail Tool For Hardwood Flooring | Cleat Nails For Flooring | Coil Nail Tools | Coil Nails | Compressors | Corrugated Fastening Tools | Duraspin Screws | Duraspin Tools | Fine Wire Staplers | Gabion Clips | Gabion Rings | Hamex Fuel Cells | Gas & Nail Packs | Gas Nail Tools | Heavy Wire Staple Tools | Heavy Wire Staples | Hog Ring Tools | Hog Rings | Kihlberg Carton Closing Tools | Kihlberg Packaging Staples | Medium Wire Staple Tools | Muro ViSlider | Collated Screwdrivers | Muro ViSlider Screws | Nailers | Pins | Rebar Tools | Senco L Series Staples | Senco N Series Staples | Staplers | Staples | Brads | Pins | Nails | Fasteners | Strip Nail Tools | First Fix Strip Nails | Tool Servicing & Spares | Upholstery staples | Senco Fastening Systems | Duraspin | Paslode Gas and Nails | Gas & Nails | NFP | Nail and Fuel Packs | Pneumatic Tools | Pneumatic Staplers | Pneumatic Nailers | Fasteners | Cabinet Fastening Solutions | Millwork Fastening Solutions | Truss Fastening Solutions | Flooring Fastening Solutions | Furniture Fastening Solutions | Carpet Fastening | Construction Fastening | Remodeling Fastening | Pallet Fastening | Packaging Fastening | Duo-Fast Service | Duo-Fast Repair | Duo-Fast Parts | Duo-Fast Accessories
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