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Hog Rings For Gabion Baskets

Gabion Basket (filled) & sealed with hog ringsHog Rings For Gabion Baskets
Manuf part number: CL45
Hog Rings For Gabion Basket Construction
Gabion Basket & Gabion Mattress rings
When constructing a retaining wall, it can be that it is constructed using Gabion Baskets or, if the profile is lower, a Gabion Matress is specified.  These are heavy gauge wire baskets that are constructed from "Flat packs" then filled with ballast - usually stone, then sealed using very heavy duty hog rings.  We are able to supply the tool to apply the hog rings and either Stainless Steel Hog rings for costal areas or corrosive atmoshperes or normal Galvanised hog rings.  Please contact our technical helpdesk for further information at

11-40 Series C Style Ring 38mm - 15mm* (1-1/2" Open -- 9/16" Closed)
 11RG40Low Tensile Galvanized Sharp Point
 11RG40BLow Tensile Galvanized Blunt Point
 11G40High Tensile Galvanized Sharp Point
 11SS40Stainless Steel Sharp Point
* Aprox. sizes

Manual Applicating Tool


Pneumatic Applicating Tool

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