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Clinical Quality ABAC Compressors for Medical and Dental use

The new ABAC PRIME range of pumps

 The newest range of ABAC CLEAN-AIR Prime oil free compressors are  much quieter, more robust and more efficient than previous ABAC models. Designed for demanding applications, the ABAC PRIME Range (PR) of ABAC compressors are available in both silenced and standard form, with or without air dryers. The silenced version, housed in a modern acoustic cabinet, can achieve noise levels as low as 54 dB(A).

The ABAC PRIME range incorporates a number of advanced features. All models utilise an innovative pump of very efficient construction, producing higher air output – maximum air pressure of 10 bar -  with less vibration. The pump design allows a lower running speed to be used, leading to reduced noise levels and longer life. Special anti-vibration mounting are also used, reducing pump vibration and cabinet noise further. In the ABAC PR range a choice of three motor sizes is offered, including 2hp (1.5kW) and 1hp (0.75kW)  models. 

The models in the ABAC PR range which use an integral dryer offer a major operational advantage in that they are practically maintenance free. The receiver is also coated internally to avoid any contamination of the compressed air.

General Applications
The ABAC CLEAN-AIR range of compressors can produce air to very high quality, thus making it suitable for clean rooms and other critical applications, can be used when blow dusting of computers or other electronic and delicate equipment like optical devices, photographic film, etc. can be be used in labs, dentist's and doctors surgeries and workshop where clean and hygienic air is required

Dental Applications:
These ABAC compressors do not use oil as a lubricant, and are therefore inherently suitable for a range of dental, medical and laboratory applications. When forming part of a high quality system together with an adsorption dryer and air filters, they are capable of providing Dental Quality air which easily meets the requirements of HTM 2022. Such systems produce compressed air with an atmospheric dew-point of not less than -20ºC, dust filtration down to 1 micron and additional bacterial filtration down to 0.01 micron. The ABAC PR range comes in several capacities, providing adequate dental quality air for a maximum of 8 dental chairs using the tandem models (calculated on an average requirement of 50L/min per chair).

Food & Pharmaceutical applications
The ABAC PRIME models are also suitable in industries and applications where a dew point of
-40ºC, when requested with this option the compressor can be used as part of a system to produce compressed air to medical & food quality standards

70% and 100% Duty, maximum 10 Bar pressure
The ABAC PRIME compressors have been designed with reliability, performance, and durability in mind. They are able to run on 70% duty (click here) and 100% duty (click here) they can also be supplied with 10 Bar maximum pressure as optional

Noise Levels:
There are many situations where a quiet compressor is required, with a noise level of 54 dB(A) the cabinet version of the PRIME range is probably one of the quietest in the market. Also the small
24/1 B model with 64 DB(A) can offer an oil-free alternative to the silent lubricated models used in many applications.

Product Highlights
  • Extra heavy duty construction and simple design - Durability with optimum performance
  • Lower running speed - Reduced noise levels and longer life
  • Solenoid unloading and S1 electric motor - Easier starting and improved reliability
  • Totally oil free - Providing clean air with less maintenance
  • High efficiency suction filter - Improved air quality and reduced sound levels
  • Special anti vibration mountings - simple installation and reduced vibration transmission
  • DryAir version available with fitted adsorption dryer - Total dry air for critical applications
  • Acoustically enclosed version available - providing even lower noise levels with the compressor enclosed by an attractive cabinet
  • Vacuum and compressor combi unit available- compressed air and vacuum from one convenient unit
  • Air receivers internally coated - protection against corrosion and longer life
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